WP2Static - Article Tag Issues

I am attempting to generate a static site for a client, using WP2Static. The main issue that I am running into is that when the static site is generated, archive pages are not ported across correctly. The tags closing tags, are placed incorrectly, they are not placed at the end of each blog post tile, rather they are all placed at the end of the archive container.
The site was built using a range of page builder/menu builder plugins such as;

Toolset Layouts, Toolset Types, UberMenu 3, ShiftNav Pro & Custom Sidebars

I was wondering if anyone else came across similar issues when generating a static site using WP2Static.

Could you please confirm the version of the plugin you’re using?

The latest WP2Static plugin shouldn’t affect your HTML tags in such a way, but Static HTML Output plugin does regenerate the HTML and will require valid HTML as input.

Suggest running HTML validation on your site - as it may be that some invalid HTML which the browsers are otherwise forgiving of isn’t able to be properly parsed/regenerated properly by the plugin.

Hi Leon,

Thanks for the quick reply. I am using v6.6.7 of WP2Static, and cannot update to v7.1.1 as it is not compatible with the current WordPress version (5.3.4) that is being run on the site. Could you tell me if v6.6.7 would regenerate HTML, as the pages causing the issues are created using page builder plugins, so I do not have full customisation to the code that these page builders are generating.

Thanks again Leon.