Wp2static showing max execusion time error

Hi Leon,

Nice job with the plugin but i recently updated to the latest version and i’m getting this error “0 error code returned from server. Please check your server’s error logs or try increasing fails after the same duration. More information of the error may be logged in your browser’s console.” Even though my hosting wouldn’t allow me to change the max execution time, they set dynamic timeout to 300 but the problem persists. I’m trying to push to Amazon S3. I’ll really appreciate your reply.

Hi @ROllin,

The messaging about trying to increase max execution time is a recommended common thing to try, but isn’t necessarily the error you’re facing.

The true error may be visible from the server’s PHP or web server error logs.

If you downgrade to an older version, does the issue go away? Trying to determine if it’s related to the upgrade or to an environmental issue.


Thank you for the response. All the newer versions are displaying this same error but the 6.6.2 that i was using works, the only problem with it is that its not crawling and deploying some assets. Also, my hosting support checked the log and they said they didnt find any error.

Thanks Victor. In the newer versions, there should be a Diagnostics page, could you please check that for any warnings?

Do you have access to any other hosting or could clone the site to local WP server to test there?

It could be something missing on the server environment…

Sorry I missed your comment. There’s no error in the diagnostic page (kindly check the screenshot for both log and diagnostic page).

Sadly, I can’t clone the website because the owner wouldn’t permit me to do. I’m sort of fed up

I think the problem is being caused by the Amazon s3 addon though because I tried using the zip addon and it Worked perfectly. Also, it always fails where the log says “S3 Addon deploying.” Additionally, where can I find “Path prefix in bucket” and “profile”? I’m thinking that not putting this correctly might be what’s causing the issue.