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WP2static to Netlify: Insecure mixed content detected

I’ve been pushing from LocalWP to Netlify using the WP2static Netlify plugin.

But I keep getting notifications of Insecure mixed content detected from Netlify.

My LocalWP environment is running http and doesn’t have a SSL cert because it’s local and doesn’t need one. This is the base url: http://agentcakecom.local/

But the Netlify instance does have an SSL cert and is served over https. This is the base url:

These are the URLs reported by Netlify as insecure. All of them are using the old Local version of the base url instead of the Netlify version, which is why they are getting reported as insecure.

It seems the WP2Static conversion is missing some links during the export run (i.e. it’s not converting them from the local base url to the netlify base url).

These are the URLs in their report:

In sample-page/index.html:

In hello-world/index.html: