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WP2Static with Basic Auth Crawls the Auth Site

My static site exports just fine when no authentication is present, however when I turn on Basic Authentication, the crawler literally crawls and produces all the pages as if it were not logged in. Like this:
Screen Shot 2022-03-07 at 11.34.20 AM

I triple checked my username/password and still no luck.

My server is running nginx so there’s no .htaccess. This was never an issue with the static HTML plugin. It still crawled the site fine.

I’m using WP2Static 7.1.7 with PHP 8.0.13

Thanks for reporting, @wolf!

There’s a pull request on GitHub waiting review, which looks like it may fix this issue:

Wonderful. Thank you for the update @leonstafford - I look forward to that being merged.

And thank you for creating such a great plugin! :raised_hands:

Hi @wolf,

That was merged into the develop branch a few days ago. If you’re able to use the latest code from GitHub, that should work for you now, else, I’d like to get a new easy to download release out soon, which will include this fix.

Fantastic! I’ll test it out shortly. Thanks so much for the reply.