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Yet Another Static Form Option :)

Hello :wave:

Anybody who’s looking for free static form provider, take a look at Sociocs:

It is much more than static forms, all bundled into one neat package. Free plan is extremely generous and sustainability will be built around future paid plans (existing features will stay free).

They are also developer friendly and welcomes feedback (for example static forms was built based on my feedback). One unique selling point is the review monitoring and option to reply to reviews on Google, Facebook and Google Play.

I personally find this great value, it is free after all :wink:

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Any webhooks to fwd payload out included in that free plan? I need to move some things I lazily left in Zapier

There are no webhooks or API yet, it’s mainly built for communications, but I’m sure if you talk to the dev team they can take it into consideration :slight_smile:

That actually looks very useful. Something to keep an eye on.

A little birdie informs me they may add webhooks :slight_smile: We can definitely add some resource pages to new docs on potential service providers for static sites. Strattic has a similar thing on their site.

Probably, if there’s not already an “Awesome static site resources” repo on GitHub, we can make one of those