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Zip download without destination url

i’m on sho v6.6.21.
is there a way i can download the zip archive without providing destination url?

No, it needs to rewrite the URL to something.

Where do you plan to host it / what do you expect the URL to be?

If you set it to a dummy URL, then you could custom rewrite it how you like after the export.

i’m planning to do manual upload to netlify, as the automated upload seems to skip background images.

OK, so you’ll still need the destination URL that you end up using, whether it’s or

The missing background images are unlikely to be fixed by zip vs Netlify deploy method chosen in plugin, but you will be able to manually include those missing images into the zip before you upload to Netlify, as workaround for now.

If you can create an issue on GitHub with the specific images missing and the original site and export’s affected source code sample, I will work on fixing that.